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Poker Mathematics
Poker Life: Transitivity in Poker

Thu, Apr 27, 3:58pm by Poker Guru

In mathematics there are something called transitive relations. One classic example is that if A > B and B > C then A > C. Poker is a complex game and some...

Poker Strategy
Poker Life: Adding Randomness to Your Game

Sat, Apr 22, 8:37am by Poker Guru

An important part of a winning poker strategy is to mix up your game. You cannot simply let the situation dictate your action—that makes you too easy to read. In...

TatvaSoft Australia launches new mobile poker software platform

Tue, Apr 18, 10:01am by Jonathan Zaun

In a recently issued press release, software developer Tatvasoft Australia announced the launch of its new ‘Online Poker Gaming Platform’ mobile product....

Playing Poker
Poker Life: Distractions at the Poker Table

Wed, Apr 12, 9:50am by Bren O'Brien

What is the most annoying things you know at the poker table? That incompetent but confident player who keeps getting lucky? That guy who just won’t stop talking?...

Steve O'Dwyer
O’Dwyer claims $1.5 million in Macau Super High Roller

Fri, Apr 7, 8:34am by Bren O'Brien

As poker’s tournament circuit has become increasingly stratified in recent years, the game’s top pros have taken the idea of ‘high-roller’ events to...

The Gambler
Poker Life: Poker and Gambling

Thu, Apr 6, 9:52am by Poker Guru

Is poker gambling? Or is it a skill game? In many countries that is an important legal question since gambling is either illegal or regulated, while skill games are...

Bad hand
Poker Life: When You Have to Bet Your Weak Hand

Wed, Apr 5, 9:44am by Poker Guru

There are situations when you have a weak hand and know your opponent has a better hand on the river. In these situations, it is almost mandatory to bet! Does that...

Cate Hall
Cate Hall defeats Mike Dentale 2-0 in Poker Pro grudge match

Fri, Mar 24, 8:39am by Jonathan Zaun

In a showdown more than three months in the making, poker pro Cate Hall had no trouble dismissing her nemesis Mike Dentale, sweeping him 2-0 in a best-of-three...

PokerStars mobile
Pokerstars will operate in Australia until new laws implemented

Wed, Mar 22, 1:34pm by Staff Writer

Pokerstars has indicated it intends to proceed with its withdrawal from the Australia market, but will wait until full implementation of the newly-enacted...

Tom Dwan
Poker Life: When ABC Poker Is Not Good Enough

Thu, Mar 16, 9:45am by Poker Guru

Often “ABC Poker” is a good enough strategy to win. No need to complicate things. Wait for good hands, play them aggressively, count your winnings. During the...

Dan Negreanu
Poker Life: Is a Deliberate Misclick Angle Shooting?

Sun, Feb 26, 9:50am by Poker Guru

I have talked about angle shooting before. Angle shooting is a bad and unethical act which is not technically breaking any rules but among poker players it is still...

PokerStars mobile
Move to exclude online poker restrictions from IGAB

Thu, Feb 23, 8:39am by Jonathan Zaun

Since the introduction of the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill (IGAB) of 2016 last November, passage of the comprehensive ban on all online gambling activities...

Poker strategy
Poker Life – What hands should you raise with?

Thu, Feb 16, 9:10am by Poker Guru

A common misunderstanding among weaker players is that you should fold your worst hands, call with your medium-strength hands and raise with your best hands. Then...

Aussie Millions
Aussie Millions sets records in successful 2017 tournament

Fri, Feb 10, 11:37am by Jonathan Zaun

When the Aussie Millions poker tournament series announced last August that its three-year affiliation with PokerStars would come to an end in 2017, industry experts...

Poker Fold
Poker Life: Can Your Hand Beat a Value Bet?

Thu, Feb 9, 8:53am by Poker Guru

You often hear poker players say things like ‘I put you on ace king’, and isn’t it wonderful when you successfully call out your opponent’s hand...

Poker at Home
Poker Life: Playing a crazy home game

Thu, Feb 2, 4:54pm by Poker Guru

Last night I played in a home game, or it was actually at work against a group of colleagues. We played a lot lower than I am used but for the others it was serious...

Shurane Vijayaram
Shurane Vijayaram’s $1.6 million payday at Aussie Millions

Wed, Feb 1, 2:57pm by Staff Writer

Melbourne man Shurane Vijayaram has upstaged the world’s best poker players, scooping a massive $1.6 million in his first professional tournament at the Aussie...

Poker Hand
Poker Life – Is there any right or wrong way to play Poker?

Fri, Jan 20, 9:34am by Poker Guru

Suppose you have King-Queen offsuit in middle position. The guy on your right makes a standard raise (for him) to 2.5 big blinds. What is the correct action here? If...

Robert Raymond
Robert Raymond claims $320,830 for winning Aussie Millions opener

Thu, Jan 19, 9:17am by Jonathan Zaun

The pinnacle of poker for Australian players like Robert Raymond is undoubtedly the Aussie Millions tournament series, and winning an event there is akin to...

Poker Fold
Poker Life: Nothing heroic about the ‘hero fold’

Fri, Jan 13, 8:21am by Poker Guru

Folding a big hand is sometimes called a “hero fold”. Folding a top pair would not qualify and not pocket kings pre-flop either—it should be a hand that very...

Dan Negreanu
Poker Life: Who is the world’s best Poker player right now?

Fri, Jan 6, 10:04am by Poker Guru

Who is the best poker player in the world? Is it Phil Hellmuth with his 14 WSOP bracelets? Is it Antonio Esfandiari who won the biggest first prize ever at the WSOP...

Jason Somerville
All in readiness for Aussie Millions tournament at Crown

Fri, Jan 6, 10:02am by Jonathan Zaun

With the Aussie Millions poker tournament series set to return on Wednesday, January 11 at Crown Casino in Melbourne, the event’s organisers are making headlines...

Qui Nguyen and Gordon Vayo
A Christmas gift for the Poker player – A time machine

Thu, Dec 22, 2:08pm by Poker Guru

As a poker player, what do you want for Christmas? Flopping more sets? No more aces cracked? No more flush cards on the river? Personally I want a time machine. I...

Qui Nguyen
2017 WSOP schedule announced

Tue, Dec 20, 9:08am by Staff Writer

The 48th World Series of Poker will run at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas from May 30, 2017 with the final nine decided on July 17. There will be...

Global Poker League
Global Poker League launches new eight-team expansion in China

Fri, Dec 16, 9:12am by Jonathan Zaun

Less than two weeks removed from crowning the Montreal Nationals as champions of the inaugural Global Poker League (GPL) season, poker industry entrepreneur...

Tom Dwan
Poker Life: The Big Game, where’s the money come from?

Thu, Dec 8, 9:19am by Poker Guru

I am sure you have read about the Big Game in Las Vegas where some of the best players in the world play for extremely high stakes. The Big Game is usually played in...

Poker Life: The Hand Is Not Over When the River Is Dealt

Thu, Dec 1, 4:00pm by Poker Guru

Some players underestimate how much money can be won or lost on the river. Just because no more cards will come does not mean that the hand is over and there is...

Alan Tudge
PokerStars considering Aussie position with laws likely to change

Thu, Nov 24, 9:09am by Jonathan Zaun

In light of the likelihood that a strict package of laws, known as the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill (IGAB) of 2016, will classify online poker as federally...

Texas Holdém
Poker Life: A Simple Situation, Or Is It?

Thu, Nov 10, 4:05pm by Poker Guru

Suppose you are half-way through a big No Limit Hold’em tournament, and the blinds are now 4k/8k and the average stack is about 200k. You are one of two players...

Griffin Benger
Kassouf v Benger: Poker’s great spat. Whose side are you on?

Tue, Oct 25, 11:06am by Staff Writer

A huge verbal spat erupted between loudmouth Brit William Kassouf and Canadian Griffin Benger at a recent WSOP Main Event which has the poker world talking about the...

Tom Dwan
Poker Life: Position, position, position

Fri, Sep 30, 9:20am by Poker Guru

I remember when I started reading poker books and they always kept talking about the importance of position. How you should play tight in early position and loosen...

Juha Helppi
Poker Life: Angle Shooting: The Gap Concept

Thu, Sep 22, 5:42pm by Poker Guru

David Sklansky is a famous poker player and author. Nowadays he is probably more known for his books on poker but in the early 80s he actually won three WSOP...

Poker Life: The ever changing face of Poker

Thu, Aug 18, 9:13am by Poker Guru

Maybe all sports are the same, and I do consider poker a sport, but I sometimes I wish I could travel back in time to, say, the 90’s and use my poker knowledge of...

Poker Life: Misreading the Board

Thu, Jul 14, 1:24pm by Poker Guru

Each week on, our PokerGuru reflects on life as a Poker player. This is his first blog for us. I played in a live tournament yesterday. It...

Andrew Robl Wins Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge

Tue, Jan 29, 6:22am by Ed Scimia

The first Day 1 flight at the Aussie Millions Main Event began on Sunday, but while the biggest poker tournament in Australia is just getting underway, the big news...

Paul Hockin Wins ANZPT Melbourne

Fri, Nov 2, 6:17am by Ed Scimia

Australian players dominated the Australia-New Zealand Poker Tour Melbourne Main Event this week, taking all but four of the 41 money positions in the tournament....

Aussie Gold Rush at 888 Poker

Tue, Oct 30, 7:54am by Ed Scimia

It’s not often that we see Australia-specific promotions at poker sites, but that’s the situation going on right now at 888 Poker. The Aussie Gold Rush promotion...

New South Wales Wins Australian Poker State of Origin Title

Tue, Oct 30, 7:13am by Ed Scimia

Heading into the State of Origin tournament – the traditional tournament at the Australia-New Zealand Poker Tour’s stop in Melbourne – it was clear that New...

WSOP 2009 Main Event Videos

Tue, Sep 29, 3:32pm by Kevin Pitstock

We have compiled a list of all the footage of the 2009 WSOP Main Event. We will be updating this list as soon as the videos become available each week. They...

Aussie Millions 2010 Schedule

Tue, Sep 29, 2:27pm by Kevin Pitstock

Aussie Millions Poker Championship 14-31 January 2010 Thu 14th Jan 7:10pm Event 1 Opening Event – NLHE Day 1 Flight 1 $1,100 Fri 15h Jan 12:30pm Opening Event –...

PokerStars Battle With Full Tilt for World Records

Wed, Jul 22, 12:07pm by Kevin Pitstock

The battle for supremacy between the two largest online poker sites heated up over the weekend. Full Tilt had been planning to break PokerStars’ world record...

PokerStars WSOP Satellites

Wed, May 27, 8:38am by Kevin Pitstock

PokerStars is the number one poker room to play at if you want a shot at playing in the prestige World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, which takes place every...